This is probably one of my favorite pages I’ve drawn so far. A huge thank you to Tim Seeley for helping me with this layout at Drink N’ Draw. I had a really difficult time figuring out how exactly to show what was happening here and this page went through several revisions until I got it right.

Last week I celebrated my birthday and the launch of Hamster Rage, you can help make this year memorable by taking a moment a go vote for Hamster Rage! And please spread the word about Hamster Rage to your local comic shops, comic cons and via social media. Every little bit helps!

Hamster Rage colors this week are again by the very talented Randy Field. He has a board game QuickSilver check out here!

Quick Announcement: Hamster Rage will be returning to C2E2 this year in Artist Alley at table Q4! I plan to have some #1 issues for sale, a few Hamster Rage prints and a few other small things! Come see me there! I will also have Hoax Hunters Volume 3 copies to sign and sell, you can buy the book here!

I’m participating in Alphabands! So far I’ve done:
A for A-Ha, B for Bowie, C for The Cars, D for Duran Duran, E for Eurythmics F for Fine Young Cannibals, G for Gun N’ Roses, H for The Human League, I for INXS, J for Janet Jackson, K for Kenny Loggins, L for Cyndi Lauper,

This week:
M is for Madonna

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Okay last bits of business here, Hamster Rage #1 has been submitted to Ka-Blam and Comixology so as soon as both get approved and go up in the store, I will get #2 up as well. If you’ve been enjoying Hamster Rage, please spread the word. One way you can do that is by banging on the social media buttons below and voting it up on reddit. Another fun way you can do it is by grabbing these avatars and using them and linking to



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Thanks Ragers! See you next week!