So this week is weird. This week I figured I’d mention how pumped I am for C2E2 and meeting an artist I’ve admired forever there, the inside joke about a good friend on this page, the fact that I referenced a bunch of stuff I love on this page… and then this week happened. So here’s the deal, below is the stuff about Hamster Rage and C2E2. After that is a repost from my tumblr about the aggressive threats against women that have been happening in geek culture.

Please take a moment a go vote for Hamster Rage! And please spread the word about Hamster Rage to your local comic shops, comic cons and via social media. Every little bit helps!

Hamster Rage colors this week are again by the very talented Randy Field. He has a board game QuickSilver check out here!

Hamster Rage will be returning this week to C2E2 this year in Artist Alley at table Q4! I plan to have some #1 issues for sale, a few Hamster Rage prints and a few other small things! Come see me there! I will also have Hoax Hunters Volume 3 copies to sign and sell, you can buy the book here! Hamster Rage #1 has been submitted to Ka-Blam and Comixology so as soon as both get approved and go up in the store, I will get #2 up as well. Also if you’re in town for C2E2 I’m participating in a group show celebrating 75 years of Batman it opens this Saturday!


I’m participating in Alphabands! So far I’ve done:
A for A-Ha, B for Bowie, C for The Cars, D for Duran Duran, E for Eurythmics F for Fine Young Cannibals, G for Gun N’ Roses, H for The Human League, I for INXS, J for Janet Jackson, K for Kenny Loggins, L for Cyndi Lauper, M for Madonna,

This week:

N is for New Order

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Okay so below is my post from tumblr that I’m reposting here, because  it’s important. If you are under the age of 13 below may be too graphic for you, if you are the parent of a kid who reads this, you may want to read below by yourself and then choose whether or not to discuss this issue.

Trigger Warning for sexual violence.

WARNING: This post contains graphic language and links contain imagery.

“Trigger Warning for sexual violence” is not a sentence I though I’d ever write in a blog post here on tumblr because while I often reblog what others have written, I’ve never personally touched that subject here for variety of reasons. For some substance please read this and then read this article by Andy Khouri and this article by Dr. Nerdlove

Our popular culture has a huge problem with rape, rape victims and specifically with women. From Todd Akin and “legitimate rape” to just this week photographer scumbag Terry Richardson propositioning sex from a supermodel in exchange for a Vogue photo shoot and quite frankly aside from a reblog or a tweet/retweet I’ve remained too silent on this subject.

I think I thought it would go away but it’s not… in fact recently it feels like it’s gotten a lot worse.

About 3 weeks ago I tweeted a congratulations to Anita Sarkeesian on being the first woman to receive GDC Ambassador Award for her work on Feminist Frequency. Within an hour some troll tweeted at her and I about her being a fraud. From two separate accounts on Twitter. For me, I hit block and it’s no big deal… but for women in Anita and Janelle’s position… this shit is happening constantly. My encounter is .00000000000001% of the total bullshit a women in “geek culture” has to deal with.

For being a women in geek culture and offering a critique of stuff you LOVE. The troll and other idiots on YouTube have been trying to discredit Anita because she once said “I’m not a fan of games.” Funny if you asked me if I was a fan of comics in college I would have said “No” We all have strange relationships with stuff we love, but if a woman offers a split second of indecision they’re deemed “fake.”

This is also happening to women who dress in costumes and go to cons. It’s also happening to writers and artists who attend conventions and sit in the artist alleys busting ass like I do.    Hell you can be a comic creator and happen to be female and have your husband in the audience and a well known comic writer can harass you in front of an audience. So”fake” is as much bullshit misogyny as the treatment of real.

It has to stop.

So this little post is a teardrop in the ocean that is the internet, but I don’t care… I’m adding my voice to the men who are standing up and saying “enough is enough.” If you’re a fan of my work, Hamster Rage, or just came across this post on tumblr and you’re rolling your eyes at me and ready to call me a “white knight”… you’re part of the problem and please block me, unfriend me, whatever, because you’re a dying breed and you need to be extinct. If on the other hand you agree with me that enough is enough… add your voice.

And let’s start a serious discussion about how we’re presenting women, how we’re treating women and what needs to change. I’m not perfect, I get stuff wrong all the time and I certainly made mistakes in my youth, so let’s figure out how to help men not make our same mistakes. Let’s also talk about how we need to change the definition of what “being a man” is and start figuring out ways to heal ourselves and repair our culture.

These women who are raising these very serious issues are our sisters, daughters, friends, cousins, girlfriends, moms, aunts, wives, grandmothers, etc and we need to be thanking them for raising the red flag on OUR crisis. Not sending them rape threats.

Alright but there’s some good news to end this…

I think we may be at the tipping point. I think men are starting to wake up and realize this shit is over. Women deserve equal rights, equal pay and to never be threatened with rape or violence. Our comic cons are increasing the number of women each year. Locally at our Drink N’ Draw here in Chicago our membership has reached to 40% female some weeks.  Women aren’t leaving, they’re continuing entrance into our culture. And so are gays, black people, lesbians, hispanics, trans, etc… and we quite like it that way.

Those that don’t?

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.