So this is the last page for a little while. We’re going to take a brief break and then start going again in late August. In the meantime don’t forget to go grab Hack/Slash #1 to see my little contribution to that issue.

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Hamster Rage colors this week are again by the very talented Randy Field. He has a board game QuickSilver check out here!

I’m participating in Alphabands! So far I’ve done:

A for A-Ha, B for Bowie, C for The Cars, D for Duran Duran, E for Eurythmics F for Fine Young Cannibals, G for Gun N’ Roses, H for The Human League, I for INXS, J for Janet Jackson, K for Kenny Loggins, L for Cyndi Lauper, M for Madonna, N for New Order, O for Billy Ocean, P for The Police, Q for Queen, S for Bruce Springsteen

This week:

T is for Talking Heads

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Thanks Ragers!