New Coat, but the last coat of paint by Randy Field! With this page this will be the last page of Hamster Rage colors by Randy Field. Randy has become a very busy man and just opened up Aw Yeah Games in Skokie! Go visit him and give him and the Aw Yeah Family a ton of love!

Sorry for the delay guys, but this will be the last page for a bit of Hamster Rage. I’ve been busting my butt on work for C2E2! After C2E2 I will be on lockdown to get the entire first trade of Hamster Rage done. It’s happening this year.

Hamster Rage #1 now on Comixology for only 99ยข!

Hamster Rage #1 on Comixology

At C2E2 we will have T-shirts, you’ve seen em before… Chicago Flag Roosevelt shirts for $20 a pop. The biggest, most exciting news is the toys.

In partnership with Man Or Monster Studios we will be selling these guys at C2E2!


Can’t wait to see you guys there!