Hamster Rage Webcomic 54

LobStar is really striking a nerve with Roosevelt. As I said in the interview with Rachel Rock last week… Roosevelt will have a third path in regards to choosing to deal with his awkwardness around people, the fact that being a giant super powered hamster is seen as monstrous even in a world with superheroes.

My Hellboy Day sketch yesterday:

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn him, but 20 years ago Mike Mignola created a character that inspired many of us. Along with the TMNT… Hellboy’s DNA is also in my creation of Hamster Rage beyond the similarity of them being two monstrous fellows wearing trench coats, the feelings of being an outsider, not fitting in and walking your own path were influential in the creation of my character Roosevelt. Thank you for the inspiration Mike!

Hamster Rage colors by Randy Field. He has a board game QuickSilver check out here!

Quick Announcement: I’m very happy to announce that so far it appears that Hamster Rage will be returning to C2E2 this year! I plan to have some #1 issues for sale, a few Hamster Rage prints and a few other small things

I’m participating in Alphabands! So far I’ve done:
A for A-Ha, B for Bowie, C for The Cars, D for Duran Duran, E for Eurythmics F for Fine Young Cannibals, G for Gun N’ Roses, H for The Human League, I for INXS

This week:
J is for Janet Jackson

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Thanks for reading! See you all next week!


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