Hamster Rage Webcomic 97

PAGE 97 Panel 1 Roosevelt and MegaBabe stroll over to an old photo of the Allied Force that features a young MegaBabe, Mood Ring, Tigron, Lion Man, Everest, DevilMayDare, (Wolf Savage and Amazona. Maybe added in later)  MEGABABE: Wow... I haven’t really looked at this picture in years.  Panel 2 Roosevelt is surprised. ROOSEVELT: Wait... That’s you?!? MEGABABE: Yeah, way back when I first joined the team. I wasn’t really eating much back then. ROOSEVELT: Okay so you, Ring and DevilMayDare, but where’s the rest of the team? MEGABABE: That’s not DevilMayDare, that’s his father, Daredevil. He and Lion Man retired... The Solution also... left. Panel 4 - side shot of MegaBabe’s face: MEGABABE: Everest and Tigron went into deep space on mission 3 years ago... we’ve never heard back from them. We think the alien ship you crashed could have had something to do with that. Panel 5 -  MEGABABE: Hey wanna grab some coffee or something? Panel 6- ROOSEVELT: Sure!

So Roosevelt doesn't really know how to respond to that bombshell that she just dropped, but that won't be the last time they talk about it. Speaking of MegaBabe, check out the first sketch I did of her below. Below you can also check out the full pictures of the 90's incarnation of the Allied Force.

Today's colors are by Wes Wong!
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