Hamster Rage Webcomic 101

PAGE 101 Panel 1-3 Mood Ring and Tigron TIGRON: The attack is (from within) and very soon a larger attack force will (approach Earth. You) have to stop them.  The (future de)pends on you. I’m sending a message for you with further details in the I(carus) armor. Time is running out. (Under no) circumstances are you to come for us. You must  stop (The Solution! He’s) sold us out. The 9 (Gateways) must be secured! (This maybe) the last time we talk, farewell brother. MOOD RING: Tigron! Tigron TIIIIGRON!  Panel 4- 6 Gram Gram and mysterious stranger MYSTERIOUS SHADOW: The feeble act here, a gentle manipulation there... but you have no control. We’re watching you and we’re several steps ahead of you. Sweet Dreams...

Today's colors are by Wes Wong!

Good news Issue #4 is now available on Wednesday on Comixology!


Art by: Yusef Abonamah
Cover by: Jim Terry
Colored by: Wesley Wong
Pencils: Brian J. Crowley
Written by: Brian J. Crowley
Inks: Brian J. Crowley
Colored by: Randy Field
Price: $3.99




Issue 4
Roosevelt bonds with Gram Gram and Shayna, trains with the Allied Force, teams up with MegaBabe to take out the evil Internetz, has a heart to heart with Roboto Muchacho and finally talks with MegaBabe about their history.

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