Hamster Rage Webcomic 86

PAGE 86 Panel 1. MegaBabe works several screens at once while Roosevelt is battling in the background. MEGABABE: Viruses don’t seem to be doing anything, unable to decrypt or debug.  Panel 2. MegaBabe continues to work on several screens at once while Roosevelt is battling in the background. MEGABABE: Alright, listen up this is MegaBabe streaming live to the internet. Ladies, we’re going to need to fight back and save ourselves and those that have called us snowflakes. This is Operation Snowstorm.  All of you hit up Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr  and any others and right now I need all of you to help me take back the internet and stop the Internetz.   It’s one recursive meme that I need to you to get creative with.  Exzibit it, RickRollit, Lolcat it now! Panel 3. T3H Internetz retreats back into a singular device. T3H INTERNETZ: Hey dawg ---BZZRT--- I don’t always hear you but I’m never gonna give you up---BZZRT--- heard you liked ricrolls so I put ricrolls---BZZRT---but when I do I’m never going to let you down, down, down, LOL..

Wes Wong provided the colors for today’s page!

This part 5 of The 404 Adventure, if you’d like to skip ahead there’s a secret to unlocking the rest of the story on Facebook, Twitter and on this site! SPOILERS!

This week’s comic is particularly relevant, if you’ve been following events on social media and in the general comic community sphere there is still an awful lot of cyber bullying happening by Misogynist/Gamergate/Trump supporters and a certain comic book “pro”.

If you’re in trouble and need help HeartMob is available to help you if you reach out and you can use the app BlockTogether to stop trolls from harassing you!

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