Hamster Rage Webcomic 84

PAGE 84 Panel 1-3 Roosevelt smashes the monitors, crushes a keyboard and stomps an xbox 360 game console.  SFX: KRUNCH POP STOMP Panel 4. Roosevelt grins and wipes his paws.  ROOSEVELT: That was too easy! Too easy!  Panel 5. MegaBabe is dialing on her gauntlet frantically.  MEGABABE: Whoa! That speech therapy is paying off--  uh oh... I’ve isolated ‘The Internetz’ to this location now, but he’s surging again. We’ve cut him off from spreading but I need you to work on him while I work on isolating the infection into a single device.  Panel 6. Silhouette of Roosevelt again behind him is a gigantic version of ‘T3h Internetz’ T3H INTERNETZ: L-O-L! L-O-L! L-O-L!

Wes Wong provided the colors for today’s page!

This part 3 of The 404 Adventure, if you’d like to skip ahead there’s a secret to unlocking the rest of the story on Facebook, Twitter and on this site! SPOILERS!

C2E2 was pretty rough for me this year. I’ve gone to C2E2 every year since it’s start in 2010. In fact I launched the website during the first C2E2. I look forward to it every year and had planned on scheduling the launch of the Kickstarter around this year. Unfortunately this year I was waitlisted and then declined an artist alley table. It happens. It happened to me and from what I gather it happened to a few other people. ReedPop is a business that has to make it’s money and even though it stings personally, it’s certainly not intended that way. That’s a hard thing for me to accept… but it also means I’m going to need to work harder and get to other shows and small shows.

So I decided to stroll around and cosplay as Roosevelt… because why not? What else could I do really but try and make the best of the situation?


Speaking of smaller shows… I will be at the Oak Lawn Public Library on Saturday May 6th.

If you’re available please come see me! If you know of any other smalls shows please contact me!

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Coming soon to Comixology Hamster Rage #3! Here’s a preview of the cover by Tony Maldonado!


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