Hamster Rage Webcomic 93

PAGE 93 Panel 1- BounceBack sits across from General Dalt’Mondpru Vayne. BOUNCEBACK This is what we know: your name is General Dalt’Mondpru Vayne of the Monadockian Empire. Your crew hijacked the battleship Tenenbaum and instructed the bridge crew to attack Earth. We know that after they’d crashed they hid out and launched a ground attack the next day. Then you executed all of the crew. Why? What are your goals on Earth? GENERAL VAYNE “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,  Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Panel 2- BounceBack is confused. BOUNCEBACK: I don’t follow-  Panel 3 - General Vayne GENERAL VAYNE Of course you don’t.  Panel 4 - Silence. Panel 5  -  BounceBack responds BOUNCEBACK: You’re absolutely right, I don’t even know why I’m here- GENERAL VAYNE You’re here because your superiors are willing to sacrifice the pride of another worthless little pawn. BOUNCEBACK: Great... so why kill your own crew? GENERAL VAYNE Why isn’t the point. That crew was meaningless.  42 gateways. 13 government overthrows and 33 invasion forces. Your horrid little mudball can’t manage itself and the wretched filth on it. You’ll never stop the Monadockian Invasion.

This is part 2 of Interrogation! Today's colors are by Wes Wong!

This guy General Vayne is one of the aliens that destroyed the Gardens Mall and the Jupiter LIght House way back on page 3. He's a bad dude. Completely ruthless. 

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