Hamster Rage Webcomic 1

PAGE 1 Panel 1. Establishing shot of a large space ship over the Earth. The ship is retro and has elements of Star Wars and Star Trek to it. 1 CAP: The U.S.S. Tennenbaum CAPTAIN SEEL-E: (OP) At last, Earth! Panel 2. Interior bridge shot of the starship. Captain Seel-E is blue skinned with white hair and a white beard and a vaguely Star Trek TNG styled uniform. N’rta is a Chewbacca Worf like Pug alien with glasses, BurnedHam is a pig with a Ghost Rider look to him. CAPTAIN SEEL-E: After I freeze this planet solid I will lay claim to its finest treasures! Kat Dennings, Rosario Dawson, Christina Hendricks, and the luscious MegaBabe will all soon be mine! Then I will— N’RTA Captain Seel-E! We have INCOMING! Panel 3. Inset smaller panel CAPTAIN SEEL-E: Incoming WHAT? N’RTA: A 1986 Plymouth Horizon Hatchback! Panel 4. A Plymouth Horizon is smashing through the ship, the characters run to the foreground in the style of Action Comics #1. SFX: Radio from Car as SFX across the panel: Stay Aliiiiive!

So I’m coloring the pages now, but initially I didn’t… and the reason for that was because of these first two awful attempts. Hamster Rage is primarily an experiment in pushing myself artistically and trying to force myself to grow. Some of these pages succeeded really well and some of them failed because I either didn’t know what I was doing or I didn’t spend as much time on them as I should have.

Storytelling wise… you should start the story at the last possible moment. I think I succeeded there but not in the overall execution of the page. There’s alot here I would change.

Thanks for reading!