Hamster Rage Webcomic 90

PAGE 90 Panel 1 ROBOTO MUCHACHO: The transmission bolts they’d removed allowed me to connect to the internet on the lonely patrol they sent me on.  I began reading. I learned the mission I was on was fruitless. I witnessed more Americans crossing the border into Mexico than Mexicans leaving for America. Those that were attempting to leave were children!  Panel 2 ROBOTO MUCHACHO: As I travelled south and continued reading I discovered that in fact those that were leaving were from other countries in Central America. Many were children trying to escape the violence of guns only to be met by guns. A crass celebrity game show host was stoking the flames of racism and proposing building a wall! Panel 3 ROBOTO MUCHACHO:  When I discovered this I got so angry, I destroyed all the other drones.

This is part 3 of the origin of Roboto Muchacho! Today's colors are by Wes Wong!

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