Hamster Rage Webcomic 100

PAGE 100 Panel 1-3 Mood Ring and Tigron 1 CAP: SETI - search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI Incoming transmission redirecting to Base 312. MOOD RING: Hello! What have we got here-- TIGRON: (insert BZZZZZT at crucial points ) Ring! My friend! I have seconds to talk! Listen the Monadockians (were not) attacking you. It was (a false flag.) Panel 4- 6 Gram Gram and mysterious stranger GRAMGRAM: Bed time Shayna! SFX: DING! GRAMGRAM: Eh? MYSTERIOUS SHADOW: Oh Mary... you think you have everything set don’t you? Moved every piece into it’s place?

Today's colors are by Wes Wong!

Much later than I planned!

Finally 100 pages down! This page is part 1 of Epilogue! 


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