Hamster Rage Webcomic 98

PAGE 98 Panel 1. Roosevelt and MegaBabe sit at coffee facing one another. ROOSEVELT: I felt like my head popped, it was like a buzzing went away and I started to understand things. MEGABABE: Oh, it’s like a headache going away! ROOSEVELT: YES! Panel 2-7 - MegaBabe and Roosevelt talk MEGABABE: Do you remember anything from before, like where you were? ROOSEVELT: No I mean really the first memory I have is hearing “In a Big Country” by Big Country. MEGABABE: Seriously??? ROOSEVELT: Yeah, I love that song and for some reason it made me feel really happy. MEGABABE: Yeah I mean I love that song too, but you threw a car into space... why? ROOSEVELT: No clue. MEGABABE: Sweet. Well that’s awesome. Panel 8 - Roosevelt. ROOSEVELT: Look I don’t know if I’m a mutant, an experiment, a animal hybrid... no idea. I’m doing my best with Gram and Shayna to continue this routine, train with the Allied Force and just figure things out.  The only thing I do know is that when I met you for the first time I felt something strange within me. Maybe it was love... I’m not really sure.

Part 3 of Conversation! Roosevelt's dropping some awkward truth bombs here. That conversation between the two of them was long overdue! It's incomprehensible to me that I'm now 2 pages away from number 100!

Today's colors are by Wes Wong!
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