Hamster Rage Webcomic 87

PAGE 87 Panel 1- Roosevelt and MegaBabe look a T3h INternetz in a containment field. ROOSEVELT: They helped you? MEGABABE: Yeah they did, and believe it or not some of the people that helped straight out HATE me. ROOSEVELT: How’d you figure they would help out? MEGABABE: I was relying on two variables: their own self preservation and faith. ROOSEVELT: Faith? MEGABABE: Yeah, I don’t really believe in much... but I believe that most humans care when they know others could be suffering and if you empower them to take action and save the day: they’ll listen to that call.   It just important that they know the truth and it’s getting harder to get those signals though all the noise of tribalism, that divide that keeps us apart when really we’re all just simple animals that want to be loved.

Wes Wong provided the colors for today’s page!

This is the conclusion of The 404 Adventure, please feel free to check out the 404 page on this site  and feel free to download it here.

You can also catch up on Hamster Rage by grabbing the 404 adventure, and issues #1 and #2 here for only a $1. I’m really proud of this story and this page in particular. I started Hamster Rage to get better and right now I’m starting to feel like my abilities are progressing.

This week and last week’s comic are particularly relevant, if you’ve been following events on social media and in the general comic community sphere there is still an awful lot of cyber bullying happening by Misogynist/Gamergate/Trump supporters and a certain comic book “pro”.

If you’re in trouble and need help HeartMob is available to help you if you reach out and you can use the app BlockTogether to stop trolls from harassing you!

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